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With just a few clicks, bring your interval data to life with interactive graphs and visualizations.
Leverage these tools to more effectively communicate ideas and findings.
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Interval Data Storage

Easily upload and store your data to one centralized location for you and your team.


Use the various charts to identify trends and outliers in operations of assets behind the meter.


Leverage the numerous interval data filters in the system to quickly and easily pinpoint exact energy characteristics you are interested in.


Each chart has the option to export the interval data populating it, so that you can easily create more customized charts in your own tools.


React is set up for team collaboration. All the members in an organization have access to all of the projects, so there's no keeping track of bogged down excel documents.


Best in class data security to keep your data safe.
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Store and access your data in one centralized location for you and your team.

In our work as energy professionals, we often found ourselves sharing complex excel files with macros between one another. Every time the excel file would have multiple sheets adding to the confusion, and custom charts we made would get lost in the files. The React Energy Portal solves this problem by giving you and your team one centralized location to host and visualize your interval data.

Easy Upload

We make it easy to upload data by giving you the option to either upload a CSV or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) file directly, or copy and paste your data into a custom table if your data is in a different format.
Organize your data by project and meter for easy navigation.


It is more common than not to have multiple meters on a single project. Store and manage your meter data by project for easier navigation for yourself and your team.

*Future Release: In the coming months we will be adding the functionality to compare and chart meters in the same project.


On top of being able to store interval data at the meter level, you also have the ability to keep notes for each meter.
Find what matters in the data.

Bring your interval data to life with dynamic, interactive charts. Our diverse range of chart types give you the ability to quickly spot trends and outliers in the data.

Chart Types
  • Load Curves
  • Summary Charts
  • Calendar Charts
  • Heat Map
  • Time Series
  • Demand Duration

To lean more about our charting options, visit the Product Page
Customize charts through by combining dynamic filters on the data.

Query your data by:

Series Type
Choose between kW and kWh, with the added ability to focus on min, max, or average of the values. You can also find the total kWh used or the load factor over a customized period of time.

Series Per
Choose to aggregate your data by:
  • Day
  • Day of the Week
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year
  • Entire Data Set

Focus on weekdays vs. weekends, or any combination of days.

Easily compare seasons or see year-to-year changes.

Date Range
Narrow down data set by dates.

Time Range
Narrow data set by time periods.

Export raw or filtered interval data.

With every chart that you customize, we give you the ability to easily export that data in case you want to further customize.

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